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KaZee, Inc. Upgrades Salt Lake County Jails to Pearl® EHR Version 7

The new ONC certified version of Pearl® EHR 7 supports existing features and functions currently in use at KaZee client locations as well as provides valuable enhancements. This upgrade, along with an improved cloud based infrastructure, improved document protection and extended disaster recovery capabilities for the Salt Lake County Jails. Additionally, it improved workflow efficiency, reporting and system response times.

Atlanta, GA.; October 7, 2014 – KaZee , Inc. which provides EHR services to correctional institutions across the United States, has once again proven why so many users and providers prefer the Pearl® EHR when it comes to inmate healthcare.

KaZee has recently upgraded one of its longest serving customers, Salt Lake County Jail (SLC), to the Pearl® Version 7 EHR. This new upgrade has delivered improvements to workflow efficiency, reporting, response times and disaster recovery capabilities. The additional replacement of Salt Lake County jail’s image server was key to improved document protection and disaster recovery capabilities. Together, these enhancements and upgrades laid the foundation for future enhancements to SLC jail workflows.

On September 14, 2014 representatives of KaZee were on site at the SLC facilities to ensure the smooth transition of the Pearl® upgrade. Implementation leaders worked diligently to ensure a successful transition to the new system. The Salt Lake County Jail medical team including front desk staff, nurses and providers were much in need of the improvements the upgraded version provided them.

Dr. Todd Wilcox of WELLCON, Inc., Medical Director at the jails, had the following positive comments. “The upgrade to Pearl® 7 has significantly increased our navigational speed within the medical record.  The introduction of exploding order sets has also really helped increase the nursing efficiency as we can now bundle common medical orders into one master order that requires only one data entry item to execute the entire set.  In addition, upgrading to Pearl® 7 puts us in a prime position to extend the EMR wirelessly throughout the facility and to implement a comprehensive electronic medication administration record that is accessible at all points of care within the facility.”

KaZee has distinguished itself as a leader in EHR services for correctional healthcare. SLC’s administrators and doctors have used the services provided by KaZee for the last 14 years. KaZee, working with the SLC staff, made SLC’s transition occur very smoothly.

Mickey Bourdeau, Chief Operating Officer at KaZee, Inc., indicates that “KaZee’s newfound primary focus on the correctional industry has helped KaZee to deliver much needed correctional specific EHR enhancements demanded by the challenging workflow requirements in these unique settings. Mr. Bourdeau states that along with this new focus and greatly improved correctional EHR version, KaZee is undertaking improvements to customer service in this marketplace which is already providing dividends in terms of increased market share”.

KaZee, Inc. based in Atlanta, GA understands that correctional facilities are faced with budget cuts, rising costs and increased risk in providing healthcare to their inmate population. With experience in Healthcare Information Technology since 1977, KaZee understands both Information Systems and the various processes within correctional medicine, delivering a product that Correctional Facilities can depend on.


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