As we enter the 21st century, Telemedicine is becoming a widely  acceptable alternative to in-person doctor visits.  Viewed as an effective and efficient method of providing timely, quality health services, public and private insurance payors are recognizing the value of care delivered through Telemedicine systems and are quickly adjusting their payment models to cover  Telemedicine services.

As one of the pioneers of Telemedicine and Electronic Health Records Systems, KaZee stands ready to help its customers design, build and support Telemedicine systems that meet their individual needs and preferences while ensuring their patients always have universal access to quality healthcare.

Our telemedicine experts collaborate and consult with our customers to determine their specific requirements and how telemedicine can assist with addressing their healthcare delivery needs.  We assist in designing, developing and supporting all aspects of the system including purchasing, installing and supporting all equipment and software needed to ensure that the telemedicine technology is always robust and efficient and functions as expected.

To maximize the effective use of Telemedicine solutions, we employ implementation/training teams that are highly skilled and experienced in the use of Telemedicine technology.  We helped build one of the world’s largest Telemedicine systems and we have been developing and supporting these types of systems since 2002.  For convenience KaZee offers its customers training online or onsite at their facilities.   To ensure ongoing training over time all training sessions are recorded and made available locally or remotely via the cloud.

Our highly skilled and experienced technical staff continues to provide our customers with operations support and maintenance services after implementation to ensure our Customer’s system continues to perform at a high level as environments change and evolve over time.  We provide 24×7 help desk support globally to minimize any downtown or business interruptions.

Our long-term goal is to help our customers achieve their organization’s mission in the most efficient way possible in order to facilitate access to quality healthcare for their patients.

For additional information about KaZee’s Telemedicine offering please visit us a or call us at 706-279-4141.