Customer Support

Customer Support Services

Customers who use KaZee’s Customer Support Services maximize the use of their IT systems and return on investment. In fact, our aim is to provide a seamless interface between the customer’s end users and KaZee’s IT support staff so the end user can enjoy the highest level of customer satisfaction.

During and after system’s implementation, our KaZee Customer Support Team is just a phone call, email, or instant message away. KaZee’s 24/7/365 Customer Support operations provide customers with the right amount of help and includes:

  • Training staff to use the system
  • Managing incidents and problems
  • Monitoring system performance
  • Measuring productivity
  • Determining optimum capacity
  • Reporting progress

KaZee’s Customer Support staff stands out favorably when compared to other customer service groups. Not only are they highly trained, well educated, and friendly, but they are also easily accessible, responsive, productive, and thoroughall must-have qualities that matter. Furthermore, they have the education, training, knowledge, and interpersonal skills needed to greet customers professionally and address questions and concerns expediently.

Customer Support Services are virtual and compliant with the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) Foundation standards for supporting IT systems. KaZee’s Customer Support Services extends through all national time zones and keeps team members within close proximity to KaZee customers at all times.

The Four Levels of Support

KaZee offers four levels of support, depending on its customer’s level of need as follows:

  • Level 1 Critical (i.e. Pearl 32 errors)
  • Level 2 The customer can work around the issue but it affects workflow
  • Level 3The issue needs to be resolved by the next maintenance call
  • Level 4 The lowest level (i.e. questions)