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Correctional Health

The Leader in Correctional Health Solutions

KaZee’s reputation for helping correctional facilities meet the daily challenges of providing quality, efficient, and affordable healthcare to inmate populations is outstanding. Why? Because KaZee thoroughly understands the importance of correctional issues involving information access, security, public safety, transportation, timeliness, quality of care, cost savings, and education—all key components of healthcare that those in correctional settings strive for.

KaZee’s solutions for correctional health include:

Whether a federal penitentiary, state prison, county jail, or juvenile detention facility, all correctional organizations are hit with budget cuts, rising costs, and associated risks. While some expenses can’t be helped, healthcare expenses aren’t one of them. In fact, healthcare is one key area that can be managed more efficiently with the implementation of an electronic health record (EHR) system.

PEARL®KaZee’s EHRhas the features, flexibility, and functionality needed for large, complex prison systems. Why does PEARL work so well? Because it is uniquely designed for correctional health environments. It enables prison systems to treat, diagnose, and document all medical, dental, vision, and mental health services in one system. It also:

  • Reduces physician and nurse administrative time,
  • Allows care to be coordinated across all facilities for the inmates regardless of the place of service,
  • Lessens medical errors, and
  • Decreases inmate lawsuits.

PEARL also manages the scheduling of resources, encounter processing, and management reporting in addition to appointment scheduling, patient registration, database management, billing, accounts receivable, and production & revenue analysis.

KaZee’s team of experts offers years of technical and functional know-how via its Correctional Health Consulting Services. With these services, KaZee can take the lead in designing, implementing, and supporting all your health IT objectives such as planning for and executing projects that integrate your existing jail management system with new EHR technologies.

KaZee’s Large Client Base

KaZee meets the ongoing needs of large, complex correctional institutions such as the Salt Lake County and Seattle King County jail systems and the entire Texas prison system managed by the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB), which contains over 120 state prisons, 15 youth facilities, 3 federal prisons, and 150,000 inmates across Texas.
Results speak for themselves. After ten years with PEARL, the Texas prison system has realized a significant cost savings of $1 billion (documented by the Gartner Group) and has reduced their daily healthcare cost per inmate to just $9.67.
KaZee has proven itself a leader in designing, implementing, and supporting the technical needs of large prison systems. We understand the tough challenges you face in delivering quality and cost-effective health care to inmate populations.

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