Correctional Health

The Leader in Correctional Health Solutions

KaZee’s reputation for helping correctional facilities meet the daily challenges of providing quality, efficient, and affordable healthcare to inmate populations is outstanding. KaZee thoroughly understands the importance of correctional needs, such as: information access, security, public safety, transportation, timeliness, quality of care, and cost savings —all key components of healthcare that those in correctional settings strive for.

KaZee’s offers a comprehensive line of products and services including:

Federal penitentiaries, state prisons, local jails, and juvenile detention facilities are all hit with budget cuts, rising costs, and associated risks. While some expenses cannot be helped, quality healthcare does not have to be one of them. In fact, healthcare is one key area that can be managed more efficiently with the implementation of an information technology system, such as  KaZee’s PEARL® Electronic Health Record (EHR) System and a comprehensive telemedicine solution.

KaZee’s PEARL® Electronic Health Record (EHR) System is uniquely designed for correctional health environments with all the features, flexibility, and functionality needed for all correctional facilities and systems regardless of size or complexity. It enables correctional facilities to assess, diagnose, treat, and document all medical, dental, vision, mental health, and medication distribution services in one system. The use of KaZee’s PEARL® Electronic Health Record (EHR) System and a comprehensive telemedicine solution can also:

  • Reduce physician and nurse administrative time,
  • Allow care to be coordinated across all facilities for the inmates regardless of the place of service,
  • Lessen medical errors, and
  • Decrease inmate lawsuits

KaZee’s PEARL® Electronic Health Record (EHR) System also helps to manage the allocation of resources, management of workflows, support comprehensive analytics, and reporting. KaZee’s team of experts offers years of technical and functional know-how via its Correctional Health Consulting Services. KaZee takes the lead in designing, implementing, and supporting correctional healthcare IT objectives.

KaZee’s Client Base

KaZee meets the ongoing needs of correctional institutions such as the Parkland Health and Hospital System in support of the Dallas County Jail system, Illinois Department of Corrections and Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice systems, as well as the entire Texas prison system managed by the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB).

The results speak for themselves.

After years with KaZee’s PEARL® Electronic Health Record (EHR) System along with a comprehensive telemedicine solution, the state of Texas has realized a significant cost savings of $1 billion (documented by the Gartner Group) and has reduced UTMB’s daily correctional healthcare cost per inmate to just $9.67.

Parkland Health and Hospital system manages the inmate population healthcare for Dallas County Jails and Juveniles. Parkland has been able to streamline their services to the patients with the upgrade to Pearl® v.8 as well as moving their data centers into their own facilities.

The Illinois Department of Corrections and the Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice has one of the most integrated systems in correctional healthcare. These integrations involve hospital, pharmacy, radiology, laboratory, and offender management systems as well as integration with the Cook County jail management healthcare system.

KaZee is a proven leader in designing, implementing, and supporting the technology needs of correctional health systems. We understand the tough challenges in delivering quality and cost-effective health care to inmate populations.