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Increase Efficiencies

Becoming more efficient is an ongoing goal that every organization seeks. For a healthcare organization, it means having more time to focus on patients and outcomes versus administrative tasks.

Responsive to these needs, KaZee has a set of proven tools that organizations, such as yours, can use to gain greater efficiencies.

Through its full line of information technology products and services, KaZee offers solutions for:

Proven Efficiency Tools

KaZee’s efficiency tools enable organizations to maximize revenues, cut costs, meet regulations, ensure compliance, analyze data, facilitate timely and accurate reporting, strengthen clinical and business performance, and much more.

Customers have commented, for example, on CMS, KaZee’s practice management system, saying, “The KaZee program uncovered weak areas that we were unaware of in our system, enabling us to plug those gaps.” One customer stated, “We needed more control over our operations, and KaZee offered us that.” Another customer said, “Before installing CMS, we experienced a lot of growth, but we didn’t have the software to keep up with it. CMS has provided greater efficiency, an increase in collections, better management information and improved availability of information to all personnel.”

Customers experience similar cash flow increases with the company’s other products, including Pearl®—KaZee’s electronic health record (EHR) system, and Managed Care Management Information System and have also benefited from KaZee’s information technology & consulting services and support solutions.

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