Maximize Cost-Benefits

Maximize Cost-Benefits

To remain viable in an increasingly difficult marketplace, healthcare organizations must constantly adapt to keep up with growing demand to reduce cost and inmate population while providing mandatory, quality healthcare. KaZee understands these challenges and knows well the difficulties correctional healthcare organizations encounter.

In response, KaZee has developed a set of innovative tools that organizations can readily use to reach operational and financial challenges.

Here’s one real-life example of how KaZee helped a customer maximized cost-benefits …

As noted by the Garter Group, the state of Texas has reduced the medical cost per inmate to $9.67 per day as a result of KaZee’s PEARL® Electronic Health Record (EHR) System. This compares to $41.25 for California, the only state with a higher incarceration rate than Texas.

A Department of Justice and Department of Defense Joint Program Steering Group report concluded in a cost-benefit analysis that a telemedicine consultation would cost an average of $71 compared to $175 for a conventional face-to-face consultation, a 60 percent savings.