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Reduce Costs and Save Money

Doing more with less. Sound familiar? If so, you are not alone. Many organizations find it increasingly difficult to remain viable in an economically challenging landscape, and cutting costs is one way to improve finances. Having been around since 1977, KaZee knows the challenges you face and has designed a set of proven tools that organizations, such as yours, can readily use to cut costs and recoup funds.

Through a comprehensive line of information technology products and services, KaZee can help you reduce costs and save money by improving efficiencies and consolidating functions with solutions for:

Texas Taxpayers Save $1 Billion with KaZee’s EHR System

Here’s one real-life example of how KaZee helped the Texas prison system save money…

Texas, with UTMB managing its inmate healthcare system, needed to control spending. After much searching, UTMB chose to employ Pearl®, KaZee’s electronic health record system along with its own telemedicine program. After implementing Pearl, an audit by the Texas Medical Foundation found that Pearl not only improved health outcomes, but also significantly lowered patient cost per day to $9.67, saving Texas taxpayers $1 billion within ten years.

“KaZee’s EMR coupled with UTMB’s and Texas Tech’s telemedicine services have helped UTMB and Texas Tech provided improved access to specialists, continuity of care, and follow-up care while decreasing costs,”

comments Michael Bourdeau, Director of Correctional Managed Care Information Systems, UTMB.

Customers experience similar cash flow increases with the company’s other products, including PEARL®—KaZee’s electronic health record (EHR) system, and Managed Care Management Information System and have also benefited from KaZee’s information technology & consulting services and support solutions.

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