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Reduce Errors

There is no room for error, especially in the healthcare industry where one mistake could cost a person’s life and prompt lawsuits. That is why clinics, health centers, and other organizations must proactively find ways to reduce errors and become more efficient. KaZee’s proven technology solutions meet this challenge by automating processes and seamlessly working in tandem with your existing technology.

Through a comprehensive line of information technology products and services, KaZee can help you reduce errors and improve efficiencies with solutions for:

Reducing Errors with an EMR

Here’s an example of how one clinic reduced errors through an EMR…

One growing clinic was having trouble with its patient charts. Handwritten notes were extremely hard to read and often misunderstood. Delays also happened when a chart was misplaced and they had to stop everything to track it down.

As problems continued to mount, they decided to invest in an electronic medical record (EMR) system. They traded in their clipboards and file folders for portable, touch-sensitive tablets. With the EMR system in place, the clinic no longer had to decipher illegible handwritten notes or pass along paper files but were collaborating and working efficiently with one another. Through this automated system, patient records were found instantly and notes were easily read and understood since they were typed into the patient’s electronic chart.

Customers experience similar cash flow increases with the company’s other products, including Pearl®—KaZee’s electronic health record (EHR) system, and Managed Care Management Information System and have also benefited from KaZee’s information technology & consulting services and support solutions.

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