On August 15-20, 2014 the Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City hosted the 144th Congress of Corrections. Approximately 4,000 guests and hundreds of vendors participated at the conference to help improve the management and other needs of correctional facilities across the United States.

KaZee, Inc. based in Atlanta, GA. made its debut, showcasing its newly redesigned image and marketing material displays inside the exhibit hall. In addition, KaZee demonstrated the latest enhancements to the Pearl® Electronic Medical Records system to many potential buyers visiting our booth display.

The KaZee team was pleased with the number of quality leads obtained from various key personnel from various entities across the U.S.CEO Mr. Albert Woodard and COO Mr. Mickey Bourdeau had the opportunity to speak with decision makers from many state, county and local jails with whom KaZee has been in talks to find a much needed solution for their EMR needs.

When tested with questions about our EMR performance and presence in the correctional field, KaZee’s knowledgeable sales and technical team provided strong answers and valuable data for those asking questions. KaZee, Inc. understands that correctional facilities are faced with budget cuts, rising costs, and increased risk in providing healthcare to their inmate population. With experience in Healthcare Information Technology since 1977, KaZee understands both Information Systems and the various processes within correctional medicine.

The exhibit hall was not only presentations and workshops. KaZee’s team was able to meet with prospects, future partners and even toured one of our existing showcase customer facilities in Salt Lake City. This customer provided several tours throughout the conference for numerous conference attendees. We look forward to future correctional conferences to keep educating people about our EMR product and turn those leads into customers.

KaZee, Inc. provides modern web enabled ONC certified information technology solutions to the healthcare industry. We cater to most healthcare environments with emphasis on correctional healthcare, dialysis and public healthcare clinics. Since 1977, we have been a leading national provider of Electronic Health Records, Telemedicine and Practice Management systems. KaZee supports nearly 500 clinics who rely on our solutions daily to help them efficiently provide cost effective quality healthcare with reduced risk.