Wayne Szabo

KaZee Board Member

Mr. Szabo is a KaZee Board Member. Mr. Szabo has 40 years of information technology, 30 years of supervisory management, and 12 years of program management experience working on CDC CITS and CIO-SP2 IDIQ task ordered contracts.

As a Deputy Program Director for Northrop Grumman’s (NG) work at CDC from 2001 until 2006, he was responsible for contract internal operations, business processes, technology support, and quality of products and services. He shared management responsibilities with the program director, acting in her absence, and he routinely interfaced with internal management, CDC management, NG management, and NG subcontractors. His specific duties as the Deputy Program Director included tracking, monitoring, and reporting on over 50 tasks orders and multiple IT projects, ensuring that all CDC, NG, and program policies and practices were current, followed, and working to enhance communications. He coordinated access to corporate resources and ensured the success of small businesses while providing enterprise-wide technology support.

In 1996, Mr. Szabo was assigned management responsibility for tasking several CDC centers. Based on his successful performance, he was appointed Program Manager for NCHSTP the center with the largest tasking for both IT and scientific support to the center’s public health mission. He developed an excellent relationship with the CDC technical monitors, improved workforce morale, gained a reputation for integrity, and was known for quickly addressing and resolving customer and workforce issues and problems. His accomplishments in his role were many. He was instrumental in reducing contract management costs and replacing the “management assessment” with a rate multiplier to reduce contract administrative burden on CDC. He restructured development teams to improve software development and support. He developed an excellent working relationship with the DTBE computer and statistics branch and worked with the National Immunization Program to improve desktop support activities. His efforts reduced outstanding trouble tickets, resolved inventory issues, and reduced costs to CDC.

Mr. Szabo worked with NEDSS Tools Working Group to negotiate Silverstream and JAVA training locally at a substantial discount, saving the CDC over $25,000 in training costs. He served as a project-wide resource for enabling the use of corporate resources and resolving issues relating to business processes like travel and procurement efforts that improved employee morale and productivity. He assisted small businesses in becoming established on the contract, which increased the value that small businesses brought to CDC. He led CISSS community outreach activities like Tilson Elementary support; serving as board member of Georgia Partners in Education and International Achievers. These efforts demonstrated the value government contractors bring to the Atlanta community.