A Message from the Chairman and CEO

ATLANTA, GA (March 13, 2020)

Good Afternoon:

KaZee is concerned about the safety and well-being of our staff, as well as, those of our Customers and business partners.  We are implementing measures to help minimize our exposure to infectious diseases in the short and long terms.

KaZee has long been an advocate of having its employees and staff working from home.  We will continue to encourage our staff to work from home as much as possible and provide cost reimbursement for the equipment and services needed to help facilitate working from home.  KaZee will continue to invest in being a fully virtualized company and will do the things necessary to reduce our physical facility footprints, such as investing in cloud computing and reducing the number and size of our offices and data centers.

KaZee will ensure that hand sanitizer, soap and hot water is plentiful at all of our physical facilities and offices.  We will make sure that door knobs, desk tops and other places where people contact are thoroughly cleaned each day.  We will encourage our staff to minimize handshakes and embraces, but to greet and depart from others professionally and with respect.

We will encourage the use of teleconferencing and tele-training and other support services as much as possible.  We will encourage board members to participate in board meetings via teleconferencing also.  We will continue to invest in Video and Audio conferencing infrastructure to reduce our exposure to large gatherings of people whenever possible.  For the time being we will encourage our staff to not travel out of the country and to avoid airports and other mass transit facilities as much as possible.  We will temporarily suspend any participation in conferences in person.

We will follow the recommendations of the CDC, NIH and other local health departments and organizations and will make our staff, employees, customers and business partners aware of any new critical developments and KaZee’s protective actions to be taken.

If you have other suggestions that you think would better help protect us from infectious diseases like colds, the flu or harmful viruses, please feel free to make those recommendations.  Feel free to respond to this email, or call or write your team leader.

Best luck to you and your family

Albert Woodard, Chairman and CEO