KaZee has supported healthcare and the public health infrastructure through its line of comprehensive information technology products that are specifically designed for large, complex, health organizations.

With a wealth of industry knowledge and experience, KaZee has developed totally integrated commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software solutions, including:

These innovative products are backed by a full range of support services such as Telemedicine Support Services, Systems Implementation Services, System integration services, Maintenance and Operational Services, and Cloud Support Services, to ensure customers are equipped with the best information technology tools to meet the challenges of ongoing healthcare reform.

Customers utilizing KaZee’s commercial products range from large state and local government correctional agencies to small county jails and detention centers.

Focus on the Customer

KaZee is flexible and can quickly and efficiently respond to the emerging needs of its customers. Our products are innovative, proven, reliable, and user friendly. KaZee remains abreast of and fluent with state of the art hardware and software technologies. With our customers in mind, we remain capable of predicting and adjusting to rapid changes in the healthcare industry.

Each product KaZee develops delivers value to its customers, employees, and partners. That is why the company’s products have been successfully implemented at hundreds of sites across the country. Customers report greater efficiencies, immediate cost savings, and increases in revenues.

KaZee’s diverse team of professionals ensures each software system runs at top performance and adheres to the highest best-practice standards and product certifications.