Professional Services Division

Promoting Efficiency, Modernizing Infrastructures

KaZee is a Certified Small Business Enterprise (SBE) specializing in delivering proven information technology and administrative support services to the healthcare industry and public health infrastructure. KaZee has offices in Atlanta, GA, Nashville, TN, Milwaukee, WI, and the Washington, DC area.

KaZee’s exemplary track record of performance and delivery is enhanced by its 25+ technical subject matter experts who are highly skilled, seasoned, and solutions-oriented. Our areas of expertise are program management, administrative support, electronic health records systems, telehealth consulting, software development, training, implementation, operations and ongoing support, systems management, data warehousing, network architecture, and help desk support. KaZee’s measurable turnkey approach simplifies many technology system requirements and enables the delivery of projects to completion.


Services we offer:

  • Administrative Support and  Project/Program Management
  • Technical Assistance, Training and Communications Support
  • Data Analysis and Support Services
  • Software Development and Operations Support Services

It’s Your Choice

We can help you implement a system and secure the resources you need to help your organization become more efficient, productive, and successful now and in the years ahead.