Data Center and Cloud Computing Support Services

KaZee provides secure Data Center Support Services to all customers that use KaZee’s innovative products.

KaZee’s data centers are equipped with up-to-date computing equipment, high-speed communication lines, email hosting, and Internet access in a secure, safe, and environmentally controlled setting.

Its ASP-model gives customers the freedom to focus on more important business tasks such as providing quality healthcare, performing critical research, and protecting patient populations, while leaving the more tedious technology management tasks to KaZee.

Promoting Easy & Efficient Processes

With secure, on-demand access to each patient’s clinical, financial, and administrative data, customers can get tasks done easily and efficiently. By partnering with large technology companies such as Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Cisco, AT&T and Dell, KaZee ensures its customer’s staff the best, most up-to-date, and problem-free experience they can receive.

Data Center Support Services include:

  • Assistance with disaster recovery
  • Backup & recovery services
  • Business continuance
  • Database administration
  • Hosting of data center hardware & software
  • Systems administration
  • System monitoring
  • System redundancy
  • Transition services required to ensure successful operations out of KaZee’s secure data center

KaZee bases its time-tested policies and procedures for daily data backups, off- and on-site data storage, disaster recovery, and continuity of service on industry-established standards and its own first-hand experience.

Additionally, KaZee customers can obtain software subscriptions that minimize an upfront investment with monthly fees, allowing easy migration to upgraded systems when they become available.